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Shaft for Venture Capital

the best tool to pilot your participations


One dashboard to track all your participations

You will no longer receive multiple, very different, KPI reports from all your participations. Instead, the companies will be invited on Shaft to report on the metric(s) you chose at the frequency of your choice. All the data will then be available in one unified dashboard.


Communication is key

Easily share with your Limited Partners

Because your data are now qualified and centralized, Shaft will allow you to create a custom report that can easily be shared with your team or your Limited Partners in a very user friendly environment.



A strategic cockpit to pilot your participations

Thanks to Shaft's real time reports, in just a glance, you will identify the companies which need your attention so you can focus on developing their KPIs together. Your analysts will thank you for all their time saved.


Ready to make your life easier?

Disrupt your fund's reports!

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