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Main advantages
  • The best tool for your store's reports
  • Easy to use for managers and employees
  • A time saver for District/Regional managers
  • All your stores in one place
Shaft for
Main advantages
  • Manage all your reports in one place
  • Control who can access your data
  • We follow up with your collaborators
  • Your data are securely sent and stored
Shaft for
Venture Capitalists
Main advantages
  • One dashboard to track your participations
  • Easily share with your Limited Partners
  • Save your analysts precious time
  • A stratetic cockpit for your funds

Our solutions

for different roles within your organization

Shaft for
Main advantages
  • Pilot all your reports in one place
  • Easily manage your collaborators' access
  • Keep a clear history of all your reports
  • We aggregate relevant data for you
Shaft for
Main advantages
  • One place for all your assigned reports
  • A user friendly interface made for you
  • Only see and complete what is yours
  • Never miss a deadline

For the altruists

Shaft wants to help people working for the common good

Shaft can help your organization spend less time on follow-ups and reports while spending more time on caring, helping, loving, enlightening, ...

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