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Shaft connects to all of your digital tools (POS, CRM, ERP, …) to simplify your worklife

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Shaft gives you the key to take better decisions for your company. Your data, your decisions, your success!

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Shaft is the most efficient reporting tool on the marketplace


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Fabien D.


I can now strategically pilot my three franchises thanks to Shaft. It helped me see the changes I needed to make for each business in order to optimize their performance easily.

Mike J.

Store Manager

I manage a six sellers team, with my team I could use Shaft to save some time in the reportings. It was so efficient that they could put by 2 days of work all told. Strongly recommend !

Stéphanie V.

Restaurant Owner

I have tried Shaft in order to manage more efficiently the cash flow of my restaurant. After only 3 months, the results are obvious: better inventory management, better saving, and way more time to focus on my team and clients..

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